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Branding is much more than designing a logo

Amongst all the excitement and stress of starting up a business its easy to forget something on that seemingly never ending to-do list. No doubt you’ve thought of your logo and created one yourself or had one designed for you. But have you thought about your brand? How you want to be perceived by others and what makes your business stand out from competitors? This is where branding comes in.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind about branding is this: your brand is not just your logo, it so much more. Put simply, your logo is the little image that customers use to recognise your company while your brand is your company’s personality, its character.

Your logo plays an important role in branding, but it can’t do it all by itself. Your logo needs to be created as an element of your complete branding strategy. It needs to be well designed, visually appealing and well thought out to set your business up for good branding.

So, you’ve got your logo, now you need to think about how you’ll use it. Repetition is key in staying in the minds of your customers. Apply your logo to your letterhead, business cards, packaging, website, emails and signage – in a well designed way of course!

Once your logo has been designed and applied the next step is to move onto branding. Start by deciding how you want your business to be perceived by potential customers. If you’re a florist, you probably don’t want customers to see you as serious and formal. You’d rather be creative, pretty and stylish. An accountant would most likely want to be considered careful and thorough but probably not whimsical and humourous.

Now decide how to use elements of your logo to best convey the personality of your business. Consider elements such as colour, shape and typeface and use this consistently across any part of your business that is seen by customers. Consider the voice of your business; what tone and style you use in all your writing - emails, Facebook posts, tweets and website.

Be patient. Building a brand takes time and isn’t something that can be achieved overnight, or done as a rushed job.

Good branding isn’t always an easy thing to do, and it often pays to get some professional advice. Some designers claim to offer branding but in reality don’t give you anything more than a logo. Look for someone who takes the time to get to know you and your business, designs your logo and supports it with a brand strategy tailored to your unique business.

Whether you’re just getting started with a new business or think your existing one might need a little help, knowing where to begin can sometimes be the hardest part. Natalie Sullivan offers graphic, social media and website design sure to make your business stronger.


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